22nd March 2018 in Den Bosch

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“Which IT tool can successfully change my organization and how to apply it?”


That is what all IT managers ask themselves and to which Trends in Tooling has the answers. This unique event will provide you with substantive cases of companies and suppliers who have implemented those tools and apply them on a daily basis. These cases are elaborated upon in stream sessions to illustrate the efficient use of the various tools. Between the sessions, you can exchange ideas with the suppliers of the tools.

Trends in Tooling is organised in cooperation with the annual Service Manager Day. This event attracts yearly around 400 visitors which see and experience all the newest trends on processes and organisational change within IT.

Which IT tool can successfully change my organization and how to apply it?

Format of the conference

Trends in Tooling is a one-day conference that deals with all aspects of a DevOps organization. Cooperation with suppliers, the need for good reports and statistics and how to deal with automation. We won’t miss a thing!

THEME 2018


Presentation of IT tools that support the automation aspects of a DevOps organization, like automated deployments, test management tools, and the like. Various organizations elaborate on their knowledge and experience with the implementation and application of IT tools they use.

ITSM – tooling

This session is all about trends and developments within ITSM Tooling. Various organizations explain the use of ITSM Tooling and why they have chosen for this particular tooling.


This session is about reports. “How do we get the right management information from our IT Tooling and how can we work more efficiently?” We provide a variety of solutions and the best tools to use for this essential aspect of your organization.


How are ITSM tools linked and what results do they provide? This is an often-underestimated problem within IT organizations that work with multiple suppliers of different products. And how do all the IT tools interact flawlessly?